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Welcome to the somewhat seedier side of Sharn.

Firelight, one of the Red Light districts of Sharn, is a surprisingly safe ward, considering its location in Lower Menthis. Noisy crowds fill taverns, casinos, and bordellos; the sound of laughter spilling out onto the dark streets. A great deal seems to be going on that appears illegal, but everyone seems to be having a good time.

The Firelight District caters to clients seeking entertainments of an intimate nature, as well as hardcore and casual gamblers. While Sharn’s other red-light districts, Sharn’s Welcome and Dragoneyes, are dangerous and disreputable places most respectable citizens wouldn’t dream of visiting, Firelight has somehow managed to maintain a reputation as a socially acceptable place to come and have fun; whatever type of fun one be interesting in having. Crime is much better controlled in Firelight than in the other red-light districts. so customers are less likely to become victims. Changelings control most of the bordellos here, as they do in Dragoneyes, but they employ members of almost all races.

Savia’s is the most elegant bordello in Firelight, and claims its clientele comes from Upper Central and Skyway as well as closer districts. It real claim to fame, however, is that its human owner, Savia, is Lower Menthis’ representative on Sharn’s city council. Many fellow council members were outraged at her election, but she claims to fairly represent the interests of the businesses in her ward; and th emerchants of Lower Menthis have never complained about her leadership.

With Firelight and Sharn as our backdrop, we follow the adventures of a group of diverse individuals…

Sharn, Syrania, and More

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