Angel Tiny self-style Sub-Goddess (Combat NPC – Radiant Hexblade)

Tiva is a tiny creature with translucent feathery wings. She convincingly claims she is a ‘sub-goddess’ to a entity called Selune, and is also a subordinate of an entity named Sharess. While she refers to these entities as Goddesses, they are generally unknown within Eberron.

Enter PC Comments below

“Weird little gal. Dunno if she’s a subgoddess or whatever, but as long as she pulls her weight I don’t care if she calls herself the Queen of Aundair. I wonder if she knows Mai…” -Terry

“So far as am aware, is no such thing as sub-goddess. We are infested with demi-divines, evidently, and this is not good. On the other hand, small person is using less bath oil and food, and can always use more firepower.” -Grin


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