Statue in Fallen

Initial Request

Seer Kaelys Tela asked us to retrieve a white marble hand recently stolen from her estate, in exchange for payment and more information. She stated several other, more valuable items were ignored, thus the thieves were specifically after this hand. One thief died to her wards; he had a tattoo of two hands grasping a round object (plate? coin?) on the palm of his right hand. None of us have seen this tattoo before.

She said her magic on the victim revealed the thieves were from Fallen, and they were reassembling a statue, guided by “wisdom of the past”. She suggested we ask Faela, the Flamite priestess of Fallen, for more info.

She offered us 600 gold if we returned the hand to her, 600 platinum if we returned the whole statue.

Fallen Lammania

At the Silver Flame church, Faela mentioned the Stone Keeper tribe had the same symbol and gathered stones. She said they were based out of Colric Hall, which has recently had wild growth springing from it.

As we delved in, we learned the statue was causing a Lammania zone as they constructed it. Its influence was causing the Stone Keepers to become more feral and strange plant creatures and toadmen to appear. Some of the plant creatures were friendly, the toadmen weren’t.


The statue seems to be of Sythrael, a servant of the gods who once fought the Lords of Dust. Korinn and the wilden say Sythrael was cast out of Lammania for calling himself the god Balinor. A captured Stone Keeper said Sythrael was turned to stone by the Lords of Dust. Reassembling his statue might awaken him. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.

They say Sythrael speaks through a “man of many minds”, a Talar’an or speaker.

Kol the Speaker

The speaker is Kol, an adolescent raver that seems to have absorbed the memories of everyone who died when the Glass Tower fell. He was a formidable combatant, rapidly swapping through several personalities with some changing weapon. When we finally fought him down, the memories said the active ones were all followers of “Balinor” (Sythrael) who helped him fight the Lords of Dust and are manipulating the Stone Keepers to reconstruct him. Apparently they know what really happened when the Glass Tower fell, but the boy fled before they could tell us.

Sythrael’s Statue

Sythrael’s statue was missing 2 pieces: an eye and the “heart”. It had some mossy overgrowth over the chest cavity. Korinn gave us a moss growth for the Seer, then stayed behind to study the statue and see if it was causing the Lammanian overlap.

The Seer’s Vision

Kaelys Tela seered the mossy overgrowth, elaborated that Sythrael lost a battle against the Lords of Dust, who strengthened his flightless curse to weaken other flight spells nearby. This might be what crashed the Glass Tower. She said Sythrael cast another spell to hinder the Lords of Dust, but wasn’t sure what it was.

I gave her directions to the Silver Flame Church in Fallen, in case she wanted to study it in person.


I didn’t like leaving the statue there, but the team decided it was too dangerous lugging pieces of it around. After learning that it weakened flight… probably a good thing. The Gatekeepers seem alright with letting the Seer study it, so I guess it’s alright for her to visit it… I hope…

I asked Faela to keep an eye out for Kol, try to talk to him about the fall of the Glass Tower.

To Do

  • Find Kol, figure out what happened when the Glass Tower fell.
  • Figure out whether the statue’s causing the Lammanian stuff.

Statue in Fallen

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