Polsera Natural Lycanthrope (Combat NPC – Berserker)

The half sister of Alwyne of house Tharask, Polsera has been a dancer in the Torchfire theater district in Lower Menthis. Along with her brother, she was aquainted with Terry through the orphanage in which his daughter Kara had lived.

Recent events show her going through what is called the ‘First Change’, where natural lycanthropes transform into their wolf form for the first time. Tiva and Selene have used their divine arts to shield Polsera from the attention of the Silver Flame zealots who still pursue the Purge.

Enter PC Comments below

Terry: “Gave her a side job as a Red Lantern informent, a notice of working for the city, and access to the secret training rooms to spar with her brother. Hoping she gets some training with those druids as well. Putting her to work and protecting her? Two birds with one stone right there.”

“Seems like good girl; will probably be better off with good pack, as well, for structure and history. Would not have known was dancer; does not have hips for it, I think. Ah well. Still- good girl.” -Grin


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