Metagame Details

Current Status – Currently Playing, 3 players

Heroic Tier – currently Level 6
Campaign City based, with some degree of planar travel to Syrania and Lamannia.
Main location within Sharn is the Firelight District, Lower Menthis, within Sharn.

Playing Friday evenings starting at 8 pm EST


  • Terry – male Human Fighter, Sharn Watchman (Defender)
  • Eris – female Human Cleric (Leader)
  • Lum – female Desert Monk (Striker)

In absentia – no contact for over a month

As our controller is sort of absent, we could use at least one more player, preferably someone who acts from range.

Character Creation
House Rules

Metagame Details

Sharn, Syrania, and More Tygaran