Lum's Curse

Lum uses fire in combat, often feels warm to the touch, and can turn into a fiery cat. She has a constant illusion up of herself as a normal, clothed girl. Her actual form has cat ears, a tail, and considerably less clothing. She is also disturbed by locks.

She says she was merged with a hellcat by cultists, but managed to escape. She suffers from amnesia and doesn’t remember exactly what happened to her, where she came from, or who her family is.

Talking Fox

Some talking fox named Mir talked with her, mentioned something about a “nasty curse” and “her agreeing to it”. She tried to take down Lum’s human illusion, but just took it down for a few moments and said it was quite painful.


Met a group of catpeople in Lammania called Felidae, who can change between a human form, a human form with cat ears and tail, and an actual feline. Very similar to Lum, but they’re not familiar with her. Could Lum actually be a felidae?

Shihoin said she was “kin but not kindred”; thought she might’ve been the offspring of a felidae and an efreet. She doesn’t think she’s possessed because she doesn’t speak in multiple voices.


What in Khyber is going on here? This is beyond my area of expertise. We need an expert.

Next Steps

  • Find an expert that can properly examine Lum and tell us what happened.

Lum's Curse

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