Lammanian Manifestations

My attempts to keep track of details in this bloody mess. Why couldn’t it just be gang wars?

80 Years Ago: Glass Tower Falls

I suspect it was saboteurs, but Korinn says the Lammanian manifestations began around this time, so still doubt over what caused it, who caused it, whether this stuff was caused by the Tower falling, or if it caused the Tower to fall, or if it was just coincidence. If it’s tied to the Tower, it might be tied to the Fallen. It might explain some things I noticed patrolling it. I hope I can still read my notes from then.

According to the memories in Kol and the Seer’s reading of the statue’s moss, Sythrael (fake Balinor) lost a fight to the Lords of Dust in the Glass Tower. They amplified his Flightless curse to weaken nearby flight spells; this might’ve caused the Glass Tower to fall. Sythrael apparently cast another spell that hurt the Lords of Dust; the Seer couldn’t tell what it was.

The Time Between

Skysedge Park merges with part of Arborea, bringing Korinn’s grove into Eberron. Korinn’s grove allies with the Gatekeepers, some nature cult dedicated to keeping other planes, to stop the manifestations from growing worse. (Korinn’s grove is excluded from this banishing because it had already joined too much with Eberron.)

There’s other manifestations, but nothing really obvious or dangerous.

Talking Shrooms in the Alchemy Shop

We get called in to look into reports of monsters in the basement of an alchemy shop. It’s overrun by killer plants and killer shrooms they call myconids. The basement looks like it can’t decide whether to be a cellar or a cave. We nearly die driving them off, and it reverts to a plain cellar after that. The next day, Korinn talks to us about it.

She says these myconids come from Shadewood, and her grove doesn’t like Shadewood. I don’t either, given their introduction. She suggests we visit Kaelys Tela, an elven object-reading seer, to learn more. Deadra suggests I ask Savia permission to visit Kaelys Tela & the Fallen, figuring we’ll have to go back there to uncover something. After I get permission, we’ll meet up with Korinn again and visit Kaelys Tela in Upper Menthis.

The Seer and the Shoe

Brought the silentfall shoes to Kaelys Tela the seer for reading: “High Walls (in Lower Tavok’s Landing), forgotten dens of man veil a passage into wild land of dark cats. Dragon gazes at rafters / webbed branches.”

In exchange, she asked us to retrieve a white marble hand from Fallen, which was stolen from her by Stone Keeper thieves. Their statue is now nearly complete, just missing an eye and the “heart”. Korinn stayed behind to study the statue and see if that was why the Lammanian overlaps were happening.

Accidental Trip

I ended up briefly in Arborea due to Lammanian spores in my armor when I crossed a doorway. There I met a protectorate named Shihoin and several felidae, or catpeople. She did some ritual to send me back through another doorway, and suggested I ask our shamans for help pinpointing the source of the transfers.

Lammanian Boromar Camp

We broke up a Boromar smuggling camp in Lammania. They were skinning fey panthers and harvesting spidersilk to make the feystep shoes, which they were using to cross from Lammania to Sharn at will. Their commander said a Boromar stumbled upon the first tear in the Dragoneye sewers about a year ago.

Aury, a silver-haired human, suggested they make the fey slippers to cross dimensions. No idea what his motivation here is.


  • Lammanian manifestations probably tied to Sythrael statue, Lords of Dust, Glass Tower.
  • Lammania is realm of hunters; Arborea and Shadewood are rival parts of it.
  • They might be getting worse now because Lammania is passing through Eberron instead of orbiting around it. Why?


  • “High Walls (in Lower Tavok’s Landing), forgotten dens of man veil a passage into wild land of dark cats. Dragon gazes at rafters / webbed branches.” (Seer Kaelys Tela)

To Do

  • Ask Kaelys Tela about Lum’s past.
  • Ask the Gatekeepers how to determine a Lammanian source.
  • Investigate the Lammanian tear in the Dragoneye sewers.
  • Investigate the Boromar fey camp Sharn-side.
  • Get the fey slippers refitted to us.
  • Investigate this silver-haired human, Aury.

Lammanian Manifestations

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