House Rules


I’m going to ignore wish-lists, and instead hand out more art objects, ancient relics, gems, coins, and ritual components.

Expectation is one PC to be an artificer, someone with Mark of Making, or a typical Ritual Caster. A Companion Character ‘Magewright’ will also be available for the PC’s to go to for custom items.

Alternate ‘boon-type’ rewards will also be used.

Class Skills

Every skill is considered a ‘class skill’ for all classes.

Inherent Bonuses

Starting at 1st level, PC’s gain a +1 inherent bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, and all defenses. This bonus increases by +1 at 3rd level and every third level after that, for a total of +11 at 30th level. With this rule in place, feat bonuses to attack and damage are ignored.

Basically, the inherent bonus comes out to 1 + Level/3 (rounded down).

Dual Implement Spellcaster

Instead of the normal benefits of this feat, you gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls at 1st level. This bonus increases by +1 every 5 levels.
1st +1
6th +2
11th +3
16th +4
21th +5
26th +6

Unseelie Agent and Masked Lord

These Themes are both still viable, but would be more for flavor and the summoning of arms or armor.

Feats with a ‘feat bonus’

The following feats are removed: Improved Defenses, Lightning Reflexes, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Weapon Expertise, Implement Expertise, Versatile Expertise.

Other ‘expertise’ feats can be taken for their other benefits, and may end up replaced by new ‘Specialist’ feats where their normal non-feat bonus benefits seem weak.

Superior (insert Defense) feats will be similarly revisited, as their feat bonus to a defense has been subsumed into the new inherent bonus progression.

Most feat bonus to damage feats are similarly being subsumed into the new inherent bonus progression; although the paragon tier ones with typed bonuses may return in some form.

House Rules

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