Headquarters and Staff


  • Cover: The Illuminist, a shop for light sources & adventuring supplies.
  • Main Secret Entrance: Through the changing rooms of the Iluminist to the HQ’s workspace.
  • Secondary Secret Passage: Behind the HQ fireplace into a residential suite.
  • Physical Training Room
  • Magic Workshop with Ritual Circle
  • Office Space
  • Large Common Room
  • Six Private Rooms connected to common room.
  • Two Bathing Rooms
  • Two Garderobes (bathrooms)


  • Caren d’Cannith: Proprietor of the Illuminist and our magewright. Any requests for magical items go through her. Seems accident-prone, but Savia wouldn’t assign her to this post if she was incompetent. Test out magical items from her just to be sure.
  • Aerith: Housekeeper. Handles cleaning, cooking, and outfitting the HQ.
  • Tiva: Subgoddess, daughter of… some goddess I’ve never heard of. Connected to Sharess somehow. Small winged girl, like a faerie. Available for recon, scouting, and traveling with us; she seems to pack some punch, the way she hit on the dummy.


  • Fujin: Informant, legwoman of Inquisitive Rajin. Offers her assistance part-time.
  • Korinn: Hamadryad, representative of Skysedge Grove & the Gatekeepers. Focused on protecting the Grove and limiting Lammanian influence in Sharn.

Current Assignments

  • Caren is analyzing and modifying Grin’s crossbow, Mourning After.
  • Terry asked Caren to analyze the fey shoes & refit them to the party.
  • Terry asked Caren to analyze the recovered Boromar poisons and try to figure antidotes to it.

Headquarters and Staff

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