Corruption in Menthis

Initial Report

En route to Upper Menthis, encountered person dressed as City Guard who demanded our papers. Upon seeing my identification papers, he declared them fakes and said he would confiscate them. Four thugs advanced at the Guard’s signal, attacking us with maces. The Guard and 2 thugs were killed in the fight; the 2 survivors were arrested and brought to the nearest Watch Post.

On questioning, a surviving thug said the “Guard” kept his equipment after leaving the post, using it to stop travelers and extort money from them. I’ve included the "Guard"’s identification with this letter.

To Do

  • Privately tell Savia the thug said Menthis Commander Cazal let the “Guard” extort travelers as long as she got a cut of the profit. (Terry does not trust putting that into writing.)

Corruption in Menthis

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