Sharn, Syrania, and More

Murders in Blackbones
the 9th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

Brigade arrived in the early morning with some Watch updates and a request. A comrade in arms sent him a letter detailing concerns over a series of warforged murders in the Blackbones industrial ward in the upper Cogs. Realizing he lacked significant skills of investigation, Brigade sought the aid of his commander, Terry, and his associates.

Thus, the four Red Lanterns and Brigade descended into Blackbones to speak with the latter’s former comrade, Ash, in a warforged ‘taven’ called the Red Hammer. Thus far, the investigation has discovered the following: all but the last victim had body parts neatly amputated, a small link of gold chain was found at multiple crime scenes, each victim was killed by a powerful dagger thrust into the center of their chest, and the last victim had copper residue upon his fingers.

As the group continued the investigation, they ran into a fleshie vs warforged confrontation…

Jackan, Boggles, and Boromar
the 8th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

After an early morning breakfast, the four primary members of the Red Lanterns set forth and returned to Lamannia. Met by the local Protector, Shihoin, the crew listened to her scout’s report an proceeded on the planned raid of a ‘hidden’ Boromar encampment. Their first obstacle along the way was a michevious kleptomanic of a Boggle and it’s pet displacer beasts. Later, the group ran into some local allies of the Boromar, the jackal-headed humanoids called Jackan.

Eventually, the gorup neared the camp and dealt with a group of Boromar on patrol, scouting, or who had set up a deliberate ambush. Shihoin’s felidae allies took these into custody as the group presse on. Nearly a dozen Boromar halflings were at the encampment when the Red Lanterns arrive. Their capture of the winged Felidae, Mel, angered Shihoin, an dshe rushed in to do battle. The determined crew soon felled all the halflings and investigated the camp.

Fey Panther cubs were found in on structure, and a ‘silk farm’ of fist sized Lamannian spiders in another. The group takes time to rest from the raid while their new captives recover enough to be interrogatted…

Incursions and Encounters
Evening - the 7th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

A short time after his return from his encounter with Shihoin of Arborea, Terry met up with Grim and Caren – plus Tiva and her associate Selene, an immortal of Syrania serving pennace in Eberron for ‘accidentally’ acquiring worshipers.

Meanwhile, at the tavner called The Gentry, Eris and Lum encounterd a pair of Silver Flame templars. As they attempted to slip away, they ran into Alwyne and his sister Polsera and immediately found themselves in Lamannia. They learned that Polsera wsa a natural lycanthrope undergoign her First Change, and proceeded to rest under the calm eyes of a Satyr named Quarion.

Terry and Grim soon learned of the incident and followed the girls back into Lamannia, where Shihoin help reuinte the two groups.

They soon learned the Boromar Halfings were using the cobbler’s special shoes as a method of at-will travel into and out of Lamannia, and plans were set in motion to raid the operation…

Problems with Plants
Afternoon til Evening - the 7th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

The Red Lanterns have secured Colrac Hall; allying with the local wildens with Korinn as an intermediary. There was much discussion as to how to deal with the statue that was once a Fallen Syranian. The statue remains incomplete, lacking one eye and a section where a heart could be.

Ultimately, it was decided to let Korrin continue her investigation in the Lamannia interphase in the area and leave the statue alone. They reported to Kaelys Tela and received their 600 gp reward along with additional information about the Fallen Syrania, the Glass Tower crash, and the conflict with the Lords of Dust that was essentially the cause.

The two girls wnet to enjoy spending some of their rewards. Grim spent time with Caren, and Terry was set do work out some frustrations in the HQ’s workroom. However, he instead slipped into Lamannia itself, on the Lower Boles of Arborea, where he encountered the local Protector Shihoin

Meneliths and Madness
Late Morning - the 7th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

It was discovered that the teenaged raver was the ‘speaker’ mentioned by one of the ravers. He spoke in different voice, both masculine and feminine. From the sound of things, the district of Fallen had been scoured clean of all fragments of the Statue the Stone Keepers have been restoring; which explains in part the theft of the hand from Kaelys Tela.

Some personalities jumped to the conlcusion the Red Lanterns were enemies, and ordered the Stone Keepers to attack. One especially brutal personality didn’t distinguish between allies and enemies, and ended up beheading a Stone Keeper.

A scholarly personality gained prominance after a mental assault by Eris, and the Red Lanterns were able to question the teen… for a time. But just as things were getting interesting and the secret of Fallen might have been revealed, the original personality of the raver emerged, paniced, and fled.

Making the best of the situation, the Red Lanterns ascended the tower and finally defeated the plantimal bushcats with the aid of the wilden’s moss drakes…

Morning - the 7th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

After the (at least to Eris) worrisome visit between Faela and a servant of the Silver Flame ‘princess’ named Thetis, the group set forth back towards Colrac Hall. The taking of an alternate route prooved somewhat problematic; passing through a swamp-like are after the heavy rains of the previous night. Avoiding ravers, the Red Lanterns entered a mossy ruin inhabited by bullywugs and some sort of swamp golem.

As Terry rethinks his opinion that the return of nature to Fallen might be a good thing, the group arrives at Colrac Hall in time to see a group of Stone Keepers presenting their finds to a teenaged raver…

Curses, Kitsune and Secrets Revealed
Evening to Morning - the 6th & 7th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

After a barely informative interrogation of their one prisoner, the Red Lanterns decided to withdraw for the being and rest up at the Church of the Silver Flame. Church in sight, but enemies close at hand, they made a break for shelter. Just as Eris stumbled, a new figure appeared to steady her feet and then cover the group’s retreat by engaging the Ravers in the downpour of rain.

As the group discussed and rested, two unusual characters appeared at the churche… a Gnome servant of the Silver Flame and her talking white fox ally. The latter discerned a Curse upon Lum, and briefly countered a part of it to reveal Lum as a cat ear and tailed humanoid.

Meanwhile, Terry revealed he had a daughter and Eris spoke more of her past…

Rat Kings and plantimals
Late Afternoon - the 6th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

Once at Colrac Hall, the group did a little investigation. After sealing shut a door, beyond which ravers could still be heard, they checked out a ruined library and then an abandoned feast-hall. Rats of unusual size and some rat kings tried to make a meal of them, but the Red Lanterns prevailed.

Beyond the feast-hall was discovered a trio of wilden, sentient plant creatures, and a pair of moss drakes. The Red Lanterns used diplomacy rather than brute force and learned a few things, the proceeded up to the next level of Colrac… where they were seriously injured by one Stone Keeper and several bushcats…

Into Fallen
Morning to Afternoon - the 6th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

Last night, the new Red Lantern group retired to the residential suite adjacent to their new HQ; with Korinn of the Skysedge Grove guesting over night. Their housekeeper, Aerith, had ham and eggs for them early in the morning. After breakfast conversation, they traversed much of Lower Menthis, crossed over to the Foundation district spanning both Tavick’s Lands and Dura, and proceeded on into Fallen.

Since Terry’s previous visit, the district has gotten much more overgrown with grasses, shubs, moss, and ivy … more so that should normally occur during his five eyars absence. One thing remained the same, however; a group of Blood Drinker tribe ravers accosted the group as they headed for an old Silver Flamer church…

After obtaining some information from the loen priestess, Faela, the group headed to Colrac Hall in search of the Stone Keeper tribe – the thieves who stole Kaelys Tera’s marble statue hand…

Late Afternoon - Zol, the 5th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

Terry, Grim, Eris and Lum were called to the office of Councilwoman Savia. While she wanted a first hand report on the incident in the root cellar, she also had a perhaps startling revelation. Terry was being promoted and the other hired from a new unit, the Red Lanterns. Akin to the Royal Guard’s Dark Lanterns, this investagory unit is based in Firelight, yet also investigates and deals with threats to the district which originate outside it’s borders.

Armed with this new authority, the group sets out to speak with Kaelys Tela – eldarin, seer, collector of antiquities and curiosities. She reads a pair of the ‘silentshoes’ and provides a couple leads, but also puts the group upon a mission into Fallen…


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