Sharn, Syrania, and More

Into Fallen
Morning to Afternoon - the 6th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

Last night, the new Red Lantern group retired to the residential suite adjacent to their new HQ; with Korinn of the Skysedge Grove guesting over night. Their housekeeper, Aerith, had ham and eggs for them early in the morning. After breakfast conversation, they traversed much of Lower Menthis, crossed over to the Foundation district spanning both Tavick’s Lands and Dura, and proceeded on into Fallen.

Since Terry’s previous visit, the district has gotten much more overgrown with grasses, shubs, moss, and ivy … more so that should normally occur during his five eyars absence. One thing remained the same, however; a group of Blood Drinker tribe ravers accosted the group as they headed for an old Silver Flamer church…

After obtaining some information from the loen priestess, Faela, the group headed to Colrac Hall in search of the Stone Keeper tribe – the thieves who stole Kaelys Tera’s marble statue hand…

Late Afternoon - Zol, the 5th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

Terry, Grim, Eris and Lum were called to the office of Councilwoman Savia. While she wanted a first hand report on the incident in the root cellar, she also had a perhaps startling revelation. Terry was being promoted and the other hired from a new unit, the Red Lanterns. Akin to the Royal Guard’s Dark Lanterns, this investagory unit is based in Firelight, yet also investigates and deals with threats to the district which originate outside it’s borders.

Armed with this new authority, the group sets out to speak with Kaelys Tela – eldarin, seer, collector of antiquities and curiosities. She reads a pair of the ‘silentshoes’ and provides a couple leads, but also puts the group upon a mission into Fallen…

After the shrooms
Zol, the 5th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

Last night Terry helped take Eris and Lum home after the former get drunk and the latter collapsed from exhaustion. He, Grim and the two girls met with Deadra and the hamadryad Korinn to discuss the Lamannian incursion…

Weeds, roots, and Shrooms
Mol, the 4th of Zarantyr 999 YK

As the Hound of Firelight attempts to discuss the ritualistic death of the slave called Morg with young Eris, Deadra interrupts with a task for Eris and her roommate (who the captain and his friend Grim eventually learn goes by the shortened named of ‘Lum’). An herbalist named Herron, and a parishioner of the Olladra temple, came seeking heklp to deal with ‘monsters’ at his shop.

The Captain, Eris, Lum, and Grim accompanied Deadra to the shop an discovered a kind of Lamannian incursion was occurring at the location. They group fought off a number of plant-based monstereds; nearly succumbing in the conflict with a colony of myconids. The Myconid Sovereign survived, and either Olladra’s Luck or the creature’s efforts ended the planar incursion…

Gang Wars getting serious
Wir, the 28th of Vult, 999 YK

Last night, the Watch Captain of Firelight and his impromptu aids investigated the residence of murder victim Mitchum ‘Softfoot’. At first view, the cobbler shop looked rather ordinary. However, a hidden storage room revealed halfling sized boots which made no noise when falling to the ground; as well as some fey panther leather and ‘silentsilk’ from rare lamannian spiders.

It was shortly after this discovery that goblins from the Daask gang interrupted, looking to smash and grab. They were defeated, but interrogation of the survivor was claimed by an elven Watch Commander; one who oversees all Watch activity in Lower Menthis…

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