Mir's Goblet


Bottomless: When someone puts the cup to one’s lips and drinks, there will always be more alcohol in it when one sets it back down.

Unspillable: The cup will only pour into someone’s mouth. Any attempts to use said alcohol for things other then drinking tend to fail.

Pouty: If someone spits out a drink they took from it, the cup will no longer work for them for the day. The booze has feelings too, after all.

Loose tongue: People who share a drink from the cup will tend to have a harder time hiding things from each other. Those that do willingly have a +2 to insight checks vs each other for the duration of the time they are drinking together.


Mir’s Goblet, though not exactly shaped as such, takes the appearance of a sliver trimmed black rock beer stein. It has a few indentations that would indicate a gem of some sort set in it, but they appear to have been removed. If one looks in the cup, one sees in elven the words ‘courage’ and ‘happiness’ in the bottom under the alcohol.
The drink in it is a pretty good spiced ale, extremely drinkable but not particularly special.

Mir's Goblet

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