Sharn, Syrania, and More

Red Lantern Summaries

Skinship Raid

While complications arose, the raid was ultimately successful and the changeling ringleader known as Chenna was captured. A number of girls, including an old flame of Captain Hartigan’s, were rescued from a hidden ‘training’ area. Psychic Surgery and some Fleshshapeing had been performed on the women in order to make them better sex slaves, but Lady V Jorasco was able to develop counter agents specific to each woman. Meanwhile, the women were given counseling by someone loyal to Mistress Savia.

Inquisitive Silver and the Lost Cannith Foundry

At the behest of a changeling Inquisitive called Silver, the Red Lanterns accepted a mission to locate a missing researcher. While the arrived too late to stop the researcher’s murder, they obtain a Cannith Journal dating back to pre-Galifar days. Events took them into the depth of the Dura’s Plateau. Not only did they find an ancient schema alluded to in the journal, but they unearthed a semi-living representative of those days. Called Relic in lieu of knowing her proper name, this Siberys Marked Cannith Heir had been converted into a kind of living construct using materials fallen from the Scales of Siberys (the saturn-like ring around Eberron).

Silver revealed herself to be not only an Inquisitive, but an ordained priestess of a faith centered around the progenitor dragon, Siberys. She’s taken in Relic in order to protect her and familiarize her with modern days. Meanwhile, the schema was turned over to House Cannith with an understanding it would be invested in Sharn.

The Marble Eye of Sythrael

Information found its way to the Red Lanterns as to the location of one of the last two fragments of Sythrael. This Lamannian / Syrannia halfbreed had been sublimated into a marble statue several decades ago, and was shattered when The Glass Tower floating in Godsgate fell out of the sky; eventually turning the area into the slum now know as Fallen.

Following the lead on the Eye fragment’s where-abouts, the crew sought the aid of Gaia Sotharr, a devotee of the Silver Flame, and her responsibilites concerning the City of the Dead. For it was in this Necropolis that the Eye was to be found.

Suffice it to say, events could have gone much better. Many assumptions were made about the nearby presence of a Lich called Gath, a Lamannian Shadow Nymph heading to meat with Gath, and just what their interest in the Eye might be.

As it developed, the Eye was used by Gath in some kind of Ritual involving a new form of flesh golem or humanoid simulacrum, called a Mimeoi, and Gath’s transformation back into a living but nearly immortal state.

Further Investigations

In the bitter taste aftermath of these recent events, the Eye was submitted to Kaelys Tela for a psychometric reading and various individuals were consulted on related matters.

  • The Ritual involving the eye may have transferred Gath’s Soul into a new body, but not without expense. The body itself is mortal, designed much like the Devas of Syrannia. Like the deva, Gath will reincarnate fully formed without the need for a phylactery. Unlike deva, Gath will retain full knowledge of his existence, but his physical abilities and magical ‘capacity’ are greatly reduced during this rebirth. How much time is needed for him to rgain his full strength is as yet unknown.
  • The Shadow Nymph of Lamannia

The layers of investigation were followed; one relating to the City of the Dead and one to the subject’s domain within Lamannia.

It has come to light that the influences of Mabar and of Lamannia are antitheses of each other. Necrotic effects, specifically from the undead, are blunted within Lamannia. Also, the ‘High Fey’ of Lamannia not only have limitations on their power outside their own domains, but necrotic fields (such as durign a Mabar Passage) can greatly weaken them.

The theory is that, while still potentially overpowering, these entities would avoid personal conflicts outside their own domains on principal so as to not put their limitations to the test.

Also under investigation is the social etiquette that comes into play between these higly powerful entities, but as yet no solid intel has been acquired.


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