Sharn, Syrania, and More

Problems with Plants

Afternoon til Evening - the 7th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

The Red Lanterns have secured Colrac Hall; allying with the local wildens with Korinn as an intermediary. There was much discussion as to how to deal with the statue that was once a Fallen Syranian. The statue remains incomplete, lacking one eye and a section where a heart could be.

Ultimately, it was decided to let Korrin continue her investigation in the Lamannia interphase in the area and leave the statue alone. They reported to Kaelys Tela and received their 600 gp reward along with additional information about the Fallen Syrania, the Glass Tower crash, and the conflict with the Lords of Dust that was essentially the cause.

The two girls wnet to enjoy spending some of their rewards. Grim spent time with Caren, and Terry was set do work out some frustrations in the HQ’s workroom. However, he instead slipped into Lamannia itself, on the Lower Boles of Arborea, where he encountered the local Protector Shihoin



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