Sharn, Syrania, and More

Jackan, Boggles, and Boromar

the 8th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

After an early morning breakfast, the four primary members of the Red Lanterns set forth and returned to Lamannia. Met by the local Protector, Shihoin, the crew listened to her scout’s report an proceeded on the planned raid of a ‘hidden’ Boromar encampment. Their first obstacle along the way was a michevious kleptomanic of a Boggle and it’s pet displacer beasts. Later, the group ran into some local allies of the Boromar, the jackal-headed humanoids called Jackan.

Eventually, the gorup neared the camp and dealt with a group of Boromar on patrol, scouting, or who had set up a deliberate ambush. Shihoin’s felidae allies took these into custody as the group presse on. Nearly a dozen Boromar halflings were at the encampment when the Red Lanterns arrive. Their capture of the winged Felidae, Mel, angered Shihoin, an dshe rushed in to do battle. The determined crew soon felled all the halflings and investigated the camp.

Fey Panther cubs were found in on structure, and a ‘silk farm’ of fist sized Lamannian spiders in another. The group takes time to rest from the raid while their new captives recover enough to be interrogatted…



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