Sharn, Syrania, and More

Into Fallen

Morning to Afternoon - the 6th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

Last night, the new Red Lantern group retired to the residential suite adjacent to their new HQ; with Korinn of the Skysedge Grove guesting over night. Their housekeeper, Aerith, had ham and eggs for them early in the morning. After breakfast conversation, they traversed much of Lower Menthis, crossed over to the Foundation district spanning both Tavick’s Lands and Dura, and proceeded on into Fallen.

Since Terry’s previous visit, the district has gotten much more overgrown with grasses, shubs, moss, and ivy … more so that should normally occur during his five eyars absence. One thing remained the same, however; a group of Blood Drinker tribe ravers accosted the group as they headed for an old Silver Flamer church…

After obtaining some information from the loen priestess, Faela, the group headed to Colrac Hall in search of the Stone Keeper tribe – the thieves who stole Kaelys Tera’s marble statue hand…


Tygaran Tygaran

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