Sharn, Syrania, and More

Incursions and Encounters

Evening - the 7th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

A short time after his return from his encounter with Shihoin of Arborea, Terry met up with Grim and Caren – plus Tiva and her associate Selene, an immortal of Syrania serving pennace in Eberron for ‘accidentally’ acquiring worshipers.

Meanwhile, at the tavner called The Gentry, Eris and Lum encounterd a pair of Silver Flame templars. As they attempted to slip away, they ran into Alwyne and his sister Polsera and immediately found themselves in Lamannia. They learned that Polsera wsa a natural lycanthrope undergoign her First Change, and proceeded to rest under the calm eyes of a Satyr named Quarion.

Terry and Grim soon learned of the incident and followed the girls back into Lamannia, where Shihoin help reuinte the two groups.

They soon learned the Boromar Halfings were using the cobbler’s special shoes as a method of at-will travel into and out of Lamannia, and plans were set in motion to raid the operation…


Tygaran Tygaran

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