Sharn, Syrania, and More

Curses, Kitsune and Secrets Revealed

Evening to Morning - the 6th & 7th of Zarantyr, 999 YK

After a barely informative interrogation of their one prisoner, the Red Lanterns decided to withdraw for the being and rest up at the Church of the Silver Flame. Church in sight, but enemies close at hand, they made a break for shelter. Just as Eris stumbled, a new figure appeared to steady her feet and then cover the group’s retreat by engaging the Ravers in the downpour of rain.

As the group discussed and rested, two unusual characters appeared at the churche… a Gnome servant of the Silver Flame and her talking white fox ally. The latter discerned a Curse upon Lum, and briefly countered a part of it to reveal Lum as a cat ear and tailed humanoid.

Meanwhile, Terry revealed he had a daughter and Eris spoke more of her past…


Tygaran Tygaran

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