Sharn, Syrania, and More

The Sub-Goddess speaks

the month of Zarantyr, 999 YK

Tiva "So, as everyone else is too busy to keep a chronicle of any kind, I’ve decided to write soem stuff down just in case Savia wants a better record.

“Well, our Red lantern members finished their investigations down near the Cogs. They somewhat defused the conflict between the warforge ex-soldiers and the Foundry leader, Molric. This proved lucky in fact, as one of those warforged managed to lead our Red Lanterns to the murderer’s lair, once it was revealed that the one called Copper was behind them.

“The Lair wasn’t easy, having traps, a ravid with its animated objects, Copper himself… AND his composite warforged. The crazy ‘forged seemed to think warforged were imperfect since they were made by human hands, and was ’freeing’ the ones he killed in order to make a Perfect Warforged. Well, our Lantern were having none of thet, and defeated both mad creator and creation.

“They tried to hold Lord Slogar d’Cannith responsible, but politics got in the way. Supposedly Lord Merrix d’Cannith was going to sanction Slogar, but who knows.”


“After this, things got a bit confusing to keep track of. Captain Terry basically dragged the crew around trying to follow up on loose ends of earlier incidents. This led to more conflicts with members of various gangs, included what is reported as some shadowy characters with the Mark of Death!

“Mainly, however, the Lanterns tracked down information about the owner of the torched carriage service, an elf named Tobias Fek. He also had partial ownersip of a warehouse in the theater district, the Eleventh Torch. The Lanterns raided the place shortly after thwarting part of a kidnapping of people from Syrannia, and freed a member of the elder race of Syrannia, a Syran named Faye.

“While checking on the well being of the first two rescue-ee’s, a pair of Rohan from Syrannia, the lanterns fought off a Daask inspird riot, wraiths, and shadowy monks. It seems there is some kind of plot going on p in Syrannia that’s overflowing down into Eberron. A Romuh Mystic, that’s a near human race native to Syrannia, is apparantly behindi the kidnap of the Rohan and may have requested the capture of Faye. The Romuh, Ernesto, is a prominent and respected figure in Syrannia, so that’s likely to get complicated fast.

“Meanwhile, the Lanterns finished planning their raid on a Dragoneyes brothel believed to be behind a slave ring. The changeling posing as a halfling, Chenna, is actually one of ’Chenna’s Shadows,’ with the real Chenna being an ancient doppleganger and member of the Tyrants.

“But first, to replace his Watchman’s shield, Terry took the crew to his family vault in the City of the Dead. They ran into a Lamannian incursion, Terry’s half brother Ulmar, and a pair of Silver Flame members, including Eris’ once best friend and betrayer, Thetis!

“Whew! Done for now. They’re raiding the Skinship shortly, so I’ll record more afterwards.”



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